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Re Executable Code With Tailored Price

No need to hire a professional every time for the same set of work, handle your work on your own with the re executable code and pay for your exact requirements.


Use Data Science To Scale Up Your Business

Decisions taken by leveraging the latest trends in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Techniques will put you ahead of your competitors and open up a world of possibilities to leapfrog the competition by simply being able to take Better Decisions. We Offer Plug-and-Play Data Science and AI Solutions which Aim at Providing High Quality and Complex Analytics Solutions, which will turn your raw data into Qualifiable Information.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Customer Behavior Analysis

Know your customer better, segment them and create marketing strategies to attract, engage, retain, and strengthen bonds with customers. Providing a better customer experience and a good recommendation system can increase the probability of customer retention which can up company revenue by 83%.



Noisy and Unstructured data always hamper a great user experience and can also prevent from analyzing the data and pulling out a good insight out of it. Also because of high maintainence cost and performance limitations of storage, memory and processing; having unstructured data into your database is not feasible.

Fraud Analysis

Fraud Analysis

In monetary terms analyzing frauds happening in different sectors can save up costs by a large margin and can potentially put a stop to customer leaving out. Data Science assists in detecting cases and effectively test, detect, validate, correct errors and monitor against such undetected fraudulent activities.

Price Prediction

Price Prediction

Explore the hidden pattern of the data and using them to evaluate forecasting the probability of outcomes, future events or future values. The insights collected from historical data can help the business to develop a better business model and increase awareness about the market; it is correlated with sustainability.


Actionable Deliverables Are The Centerpiece Of Our Business Model

We believe, different venture needs different strategies. That's why we invest our knowledge to make customized solutions with a tailored price. That way clients don't have to pay for any unnecessary things that they really don't need, and we gain a happy and satisfied customer base.

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    After getting the project scope, we identify the business objectives / problems and analyze the impact of data volumes, the variety of data and the velocity on business impact.

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    2. SCOPING

    Before the beginning of developing analytic models, We help enterprises define effective strategies and identify important signals by scoping the project flow.

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    We analyze data, check how many cases are available in datasets, what variables are included, scope and technical feasibility, missing values of the variables and their possibilities to meet business objectives through the datasets.

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    Analytical modeling follows five key components; Create a hypothesis, Load and transform relevant data, Identify features, Building model, Train and Test Models. We develop self-learning algorithms and solutions by following the components which process and analyze data in real-time.

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    We set-up Solution Production Environments and Monitoring. We make sure your solution provides scalable data ingestion and processing across the entire predicted lifecycle.

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    We Monitor and maintain your project continuously even after the final deployment.


We Are Experienced Professionals

came from different industry background, but with several years of work experience from reputed companies. We have worked with financial sector, data research organization, telecommunication sector and banking sector. We decided to use our knowledge and help business owners to solve their business problems. We also educate our clients about the whole work flow that we both can work in a fool-proof environment. We guarantee, you will get more what you have asked for.

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We’re Ready To Over-Invest In Order To Guarantee Great Results

We served a number of industries and help them gain achieve their goal at lower cost by leveraging the use of Business and Predictive Analytics. Our expertise in analytics to tailor a solution that fits client's needs, impact client's bottom line, and pledge give a distinct advantage over client's competition. We deliver end-to-end AI powered solutions by following work ethics stated below.

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  • 1. Free Consultation

  • 2. Respond To Initial Query Within 12 Hours

  • 3. Assured Data Security

  • 4. On Time Project Delivery

  • 5. Start With Short Pilot Project

  • 6. Get Prototype Of Project In Just Three Days

  • 7. Rich Product Documentation

  • 8. Competitive Pricing And High Value Service


AIGOMATIK GLOBAL Delivers End-To-End Data Science Projects


Our Mission is to make the most sophisticated analytics products intuitive for the clients. We do that by integrating Data Science, Decision Science, Advanced Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence into the way to run any business. Our main focus is to move the needle and take our client's business forward and not dump a mountain of useless statistics into client's lap.


As a service provider of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, We are well aware that strategic partnerships and alliances can create significant and sustained value for everyone involved. Our obsession with "Value to Customer" and "Time to Value" has shaped our engagement philosophy; that makes us visualize an easier, faster and sustainable journey from information to insights with our clients.

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AI/ ML can be beneficial for your organization, but before going any further you need to know what is your exact need and we need to know your need; so that we can plan the whole thing in a way to fulfill your business need in a lean and mean manner. We don't want to impose extra things or unnecessary expensive services or charges to our clients instead we kept a customized pricing model to keep your budget happy.

We already have experience in building AI/ML Products, our technology stack matches your business requirements, and we have a dedicated team of AI developers and consultants. We helps in developing and adopting the AI/ML algorithm. We also help in understanding the business needs, aggregating data, exploring data, building & validating predictive models, and deploying completed models.

Before going through the process of building any service or product we listen to the exact need of our clients and prepare a project scope for them filled with explanations of all technical aspects that helps to develop the final product. The catch is we do it for free. We want our clients to know the business prospect and the technical prospect to built a fool-proof environment.

No. you do not need to have prior tech knowledge in order to work with our AI team. Our tech consultants will walk you through each and every development process, and will also be happy to clear all your tech queries.

AI can help businesses in a lot of aspects - process large amounts of data quickly, give real-time assistance, provide business insights, automate processes, anticipate outcomes, unlock the power of unstructured data, and streamline sales efforts.


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